Resources for parents

Because Ontario has no provincial policy for management of type 1 diabetes in school, students and families have different experiences depending on where they live. Some school boards have policies, others do not.

If your young child with T1D is entering the school system, or if your school-aged child has just been diagnosed, you may be feeling overwhelmed, but there are many resources to help.

Here we’ve listed primarily Canadian resources, because laws and policies differ in the U.S.:

General information about type 1 diabetes

Preparing for school

Sharing information with the school: Resources by parents, for parents

These resources have been created by other parents and are shared here as examples of how you can communicate your child’s needs with the school. Feel free to use what works for you, but please consider them as suggestions only—the specific information in each document is not intended as medical advice or guidance. Each child is different, and we suggest you customize your information together with your diabetes team to fit the unique needs of your child.

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