Support Ontario Students with Type 1 Diabetes

SOS Diabetes is a parent-led effort that began in February 2014. Three years later, we are still urging the Ontario Minisry of Education to develop a policy that will ensure students with type 1 diabetes get the support that they need while at school. This despite the fact that there is overwhelming public support for such a policy. Read this assessment from Diabetes Canada (March 27, 2017): Many provinces falling behind when it comes to supporting children with diabetes

We’re mothers and fathers of children and youth with type 1 diabetes. We struggle with sending our kids to school, wanting them to be safe and supported. In the absence of a province-wide policy that sets standards for supporting students with type 1 diabetes, it’s not easy. We want to change that. This is our vision of an ideal future:

  • The Ontario school system supports and protects students with type 1 diabetes, working with families to ensure students’ diabetes is well managed and that they have the fullest possible school experience, regardless of their age or treatment regimen.
  • Parents of students with type 1 diabetes feel supported and confident sending their children to school, whether they are entering the school system for the first time or going back to school after a diagnosis.

In a 2016 report called Are We Doing Enough?, the Canadian Paediatric Society rated each province and territory on policy related to the management of type 1 diabetes in school. Ontario, with no policy, received a rating of “poor”.

Why is this issue so important? Read what some parents have to say:

Here’s what we’re doing to help:

  • We’re advocating to school boards and the Ontario government for better policies around management of type 1 diabetes in schools.
  • We’re sharing information with parents to help them communicate with schools.
  • We’re collecting parents’ and students’ stories to document what’s happening in Ontario schools, to highlight the differences across the province and better understand where improvements need to be made.

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